Company Profile

Company Profile

SEAN Seed Service Centre Ltd. (SSSC) was formally registered under the Company Act of 1996 at the Company Registrar Office on 15 June 1999 (1st Asar 2056 BS). The company was established and become operated as a result of the investment in shares by more than 55 shareholders.

The formation of SSSC is a central part of the seed marketing strategy that aims to promote the seed industry in Nepal. It is based on a concept of strengthening the foundations of the Nepal seed trade by establishing a quality product based on a firm foundation of high quality Breeder’s and subsequent generation seeds. This new approach was also developed with the clear intention of establishing a proper monitoring system of field inspection and post harvest controls to produce seed, which would meet the quality standards required by the national and international market. This will enable us to minimize import and maximize export trade in commercial vegetable seed. The SSSC is now prioritizing hybrid seed production technology development and commercialization under private public partnership approach (3Ps).



    • Variety development and crop improvement
    • Production and quality assurance team to produce high quality seeds
    • Well-equipped seed laboratory
    • Modern seed processing plant & packaging facillity
    • Good seed storage facility
    • Customer satisfaction- top priority
    • No compromise with quality: Excellent quality seed in 'SEAN SEEDS' brand
    • Dynamic marketing network undertaking regular distribution & feedback



SSSC is a leading seed company contributing in improving Nepalese agriculture and food security. Since its inception, it has been playing a major role in seed value chain. It works directly with hundreds (indirectly millions) of farmers to make agricultural livelihood easier through better use of quality seeds. Through modern practices in seed and crop production and management, we are continuously working to transform traditional agrarian society to the commercial actor. We partner with growers to earn mutual benefits in the seed business.